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The Barcelona-based footwear brand Maians launches its new collection Spring / Summer 2017 inspired by the old good methods. An idea that is part of the essence of the brand but now is coming back in the small things we all do daily.

We - The People - are changing the way of doing things.
New ways of feeling, connecting or exploring bringing back the old good methods. The way we interact with nature. The way we travel the world. The way we handcraft a pair of shoes. We believe good things are made to stay and last. From past to future, generation by generation, starting from Today.
And you. What do you revive?

L O O K B O O K   S S  17

T H E    P E O P L E:
This campaign is focused in 6 different situations driven by 6 different characters from the Barcelona scene:
1. We Revive Moving | Pat Brennan & Marc Vila Cities are an endless playground for Pat and Marc. Coming from Australia and New Zeland to Spain, the way they move is key in their lives. From coffee culture, good music to film-making, creativity is the anchor of these two nomad spirits.
2. We Revive Connecting | Oscar Rubio Oscar is the true spirit of a Mediterranean Maker. From his surfing projects to his very own brand Message Bcn, everything he creates is inspired by his experiences, most of which are engraved by the sea.
3. We Revive Feeling | Estudio Sauvage Chabeli and Laura are Estudio Sauvage, hunters of natural and floral treasures. Their inspiring projects are a gorgeous projection of what they feel, reviving the essence of mother nature.
4. We Revive Exploring | Andrea Otín & Ivan Berges Andrea is the founder of Fahrenheit and Ivan one of Rowdy master-minds. Curious by nature, they are continuously exploring the world and searching for new paths. Both projects are an amazing reflection of what they have discovered in all of their
5. We Revive Sharing | Plateselector Alba and Khaled are the visionary founders of Plateselector. They showcase the power of sharing through everything they touch. Together with Nacho and María, they convert any foodie project in pure alchemy.
6. We Revive Making | Cio Vives Surrounded by artwork and memories, Cio finds true self expression through her paintings. Making is a connection between now and oneself, each canvas allows for another story to be told.

 T H E    C O L L E C T I O N:

Alfonso de la Fuente, Chief-designer of Maians, has focused this collection in 4 main colors: Mustard, Mint, Marsala and Dune. Through the collection, you will find unique fabrics like perforated suede, natural raffia or colorful herringbone exclusive to the brand. This season Maians goes further releasing new models made in 100% leather. A good example is the ‘Heritage Line’, a men-style featuring a braided upper and colorful contrast sole.
Every Maians shoe is handcrafted, one by one, in La Rioja by traditional shoemakers using the original Spanish shoemaking techniques. The soles are also key in the SS17 collection, big part of them following the vulcanization process true to the story of the brand.

A B O U T    M A I A N S:
Maians was born in 2008 in the authentic barrio of Barceloneta in Barcelona; also known as the ‘island of Maians’. The idea was to recover the shoemaking heritage of Spain, the traditional methods of how to create a shoe, and bring it to our current times. Since then, each collection is handcrafted in La Rioja and built on 3 main pillars: 100% handcrafted in Spain / Barceloneta Lifestyle / Sole Revival.


Maians shoes - Handmade in Spain

Our footwear is produced using the traditional artisanal methods here in Spain.   Maians soles are manufactured using the original moulds that have been developed over many decades; recovering these styles is also recovering the rich spanish shoemaking heritage. 

Maians shoes are produced using the artisanal methods from here in Spain. Each of our factories is still owned and operated by the original founding families. The tooling and know-how of each factory is unique and has been passed on from generation to generation. Our Maians soles are manufactured using these original moulds; recovering the rich Spanish shoemaking heritage.