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Ulli & Uta - The Alps

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Ulli & Uta

Ulli & Uta. From The Alps With Love.

"Nature is the best source of inspiration."


Maians in the alps


Ulli & Uta


Ulli & Uta are the definition of a true love story. Both originally from Germany (Ulli from Hamburg and Uta from Blackforest), the two met over 30 years ago while working in Eifel and reconnected about a year ago where they finally fell in love. Now residing in their rural house in the middle of the Alps, the two give us a brief description of themselves:


Ulli: "A satisfied fullfilled man in the middle of his life with all his wishes and feelings blessed."


Uta: "A mercury gemini full of energy, fullfilled with love for her life, family and nature!"


Ulli & Uta


Having lived both by the sea and the mountains, we ask the duo the most interesting parts about both lifestyles: 

Ulli: "Sylt was the most successfull time in my business but Austria let me be me."

Uta: "Uruguay was a fantastic experience and a great step in both our lives. Discovering the Latin American way of life. Awesome minimalist lifestyle and one of the most joyful parts in my life."


The Alps


Heimat” which means arrive as a stranger and leave as a friend is the name of Ulli's business, a resort where people can connect with nature. "Coming to the Alps after 30 years I started this resort to get in touch with all the pureness life has to offer. WIth the energy on this property – I felt a great positive connection – I felt home."


For Ulli, the best part about working in the hospitality and gastronomy industry is that "it is the place where you are always in the present moment. You are never alone with your solitude in this resort."

A quick escape to the Alps is an amazing way to disconnect, or better said, reconnect with yourself. Ulli and Uta's most interesting adventure had us daydreaming of the beauty the Austrian landscapes had to offer. "Walking up to the 2nd highest mountain (Großvenediger) in Austria at 3667m"


The Alps


When it comes to lazy Sundays in the mountain, the couple enjoys the simple pleasures, stating: "We enjoy being  true to ourselves and walks through the magic woods after breakfast. Our Maians are great for walking, playing with the dog and relaxing!"


Ulli & Ulta with Maians


Inspiration can be hard to come by and both Ulli and Uta agree that your location can have a great impact on your craft and your work: "It fits! We get all our energy and inspiration out of this great place on Earth." However if they had to choose somewhere else to escape to, the choice would be between Austria and Uruguay.

On quiet days Ulli enjoys climbing, skiing, reading and walking while Uta spends her days in the middle of herbs, essential oils, plants, nature and cooking in the kitchen. " Discovering new medical or aromatic plants for tea and cooking, sailing, skiing, walking – just being outside is the greatest gift!"