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Alessandro - Barcelona

Alessandro Tomassetti. Multidisciplinary artist.

"My interests will always be where art, photography and fashion overlap..."

Self described as "creative to the core", Alessandro moves between fine art, fashion and photography, effortlessly combining disciplines towards work that is striking, alluring and always true to his aesthetic. He has no clear process when it comes to selecting his characters. "There have been serendipitous moments that brought a particular model to my attention but for the most part I look for people who seem comfortable in their own skin. I don’t ask them to play a character, just to be themselves and allow me to document a particular moment in time." 



Born in Canada with Italian roots, Alessandro spent most of his life living in Los Angeles. After taking a year off to travel around the world, he decided to make a new beginning for himself in beautiful Barcelona. His apartment breathes Barcelona in every corner; from the hydraulic tiles to the high clean ceilings, always with a fine design touch. The mixture of architecture and colors found in this city inspires Alessandro’s work every single day.



"Barcelona has the right combination of lifestyle, climate and opportunity. And the sea… the sea is essential. [...] To be surrounded by beautiful colours and proportions leads to an understanding of how to create with beautiful colours and proportions. I am lucky that I need only open my studio windows or step outside to get re-charged by the beauty of Barcelona."


For Alessandro the goal is simple: "My goal is to capture something relatable in my subjects, something intriguing, something sensual even. Sometimes I am most proud of the simplest brushstroke, one that defines an edge perfectly…" His daily schedule usually goes like this: "Get up early, drink coffee. Head out and walk to Barna art supplies to pick up things that I need for my next painting. On the way back stop by Navarro for fresh flowers and maybe another coffee. Head home, arrange flowers, paint."



Talking about plans, Alessandro affirms he is a planner by nature however "as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that being flexible takes you a lot further than being rigid. So now, I plan the direction but not every stop along the way. I leave room for improvisation, mistakes and happy accidents; the important thing is to keep moving. 


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