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Bruce Martinez lifewalker

Bruce Martinez. Multi-faceted artist.

"...all my life I’ve used art to express myself..."


Thanks to both of his parents being artists, Bruce enjoyed a nomadic lifestyle all throughout his youth. Visiting museums and art galleries in each city he called home, Bruce quickly became an artist in his own way. Painting, illustrations, sculpting and graphic design are all outlets he uses to express himself. "I think that it is more important to do different things and keep coming with new images and ideas than being focused on just one. I love to do research in different areas, but I guess that I enjoy and feel more comfortable with painting and illustration."

Bruce Martinez LA Lifewalker
Bruce Martinez


His brand Match Boys Collective mixes the surf and skate culture of California in a fun and unique way. " MBC is a brand that I founded a few years ago to offer a new creative and artistic vision to the surf and skate culture, giving to the market a different point of view, remarking the importance of the creative process as a playful zone. Create to enjoy, avoiding success. MBC starts as everything should start, just for fun. Posting photos, designs and videos in a blog, where the followers start to grow pretty quick, then the brand just become real by itself."


Bruce Martinez lifewalker

When it comes to finding inspiration, Bruce does not have a special recipe. " I agree with Picasso when he says that inspiration comes from working, so the more you do, the more creative you become. But it's important to know yourself, I'm usually more creative at night when everything is quiet and calm. I find inspiration watching movies, exploring websites or reading books and magazines, listening to music. Anything that I like to do inspires me somehow."


Bruce Martinez Los Angeles


Originally from Sant Muc, a small town in northern Barcelona, Bruce studied Fine Arts and Design before specializing in Art Direction and Marketing in the UK and Australia. For him, there is a pleasant feeling about the idea of leaving somewhere familiar to start anew again. After finishing his specialization Bruce made the jump to North America to study Film Directing in Los Angeles and help get a more international vision to MBC.


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 Even though Los Angeles has it's perks, Bruce can never leave Spain behind. " I'm totally in love with Los Angeles, everything is awesome! The cinema industry, the surf spots, the people and it is the best place in the world to make contacts. But Barcelona is where my heart belongs and I really miss my people and the food so badly." When it comes to his favorite activities in each city, the answer is easy: " [In Barcelona] I like to go with my girlfriend for a walk and visit some museums, eat on a terrace close to the beach, take a nap and meet my friends to have some beers but going out is definitely my favorite plan. In LA I’m so much more quiet, I love to wake up early and go for a surf, have a big breakfast and work on my projects, then I like to spend the afternoon somewhere cool taking photos and skating."


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When it comes to photography, capturing the perfect moment can be tricky but Bruce doesn't fret about the small things, stating: " I believe that the perfect moment is all the time and that's what I try to transmit with my photography. Everything can somehow be special and awesome. It's something that happens naturally, suddenly I see something that looks kind of different from my point of view, so I just try to capture that. The amazing thing that I found about photography is that it's almost impossible to show something that hasn't been seen already, so it's all about how many different points of view can have something to become special to you."  
" [when people see my work] I would like them to feel the same as me when i'm taking the picture, drawing or painting. Images express by themselves so I'm glad if my message is received well as I send it. Also I'm always trying to have fun with it and I try to find the fun side of everything."



The perfect day for Bruce would go like this: "Wake up early and put on my Sisto Rejilla shoes to grab some coffee on Abbot Kidney street. Then it's time to put the surfboards on top of the car and go somewhere where the waves are pumping to do a long surf sesh! Afterwards, have an açai bowl for lunch and chill on the beach. Followed by a shower and a change into something more classic then visit a nice place, take some pictures have a beer and watch the sunset from the terrace with ocean views. End the day having sushi for dinner and then go to the movies." For him, a Life Walker is someone who beats to the rythm of his own drum. " A Life Walker is someone who builds his own path, challenges himself and likes adventure because adventures are always exciting and full of surprises. The Life Walker tries different paths to get to his goals. Someone who likes simple pleasures in his routine and at the same time is hungry about new challenges."



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