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Alex Fazekas Boone - Tacoma

Alex Fazekas-Boone

Alex Fazekas-Boone. The nomad photographer in search of why.

"A Life Walker is someone who follows their passion, wherever it takes them."

Tacoma, Washington 

Alex is a proud Pacific Northwest native with a big family and even bigger heart. With three brothers, a sister, two nephews, three nieces and too many cousins to count, this passionate photographer is based in Washington, where he lives every day to the fullest with his partner Laura.
"I have made art in some fashion my whole life, but my main focus is photography."


Alex Fazekas Boone


This lifelong skateboarder never thought he was destined to be a photographer. "It's something that just happened organically. I didn't really set out to do it. It just came together on its own and I think that's what's so special about it!"


An avid fan of travelling, Alex is thankful for the places he's visited that helped shape the man he is today: "Travelling is like a drug. There's a reason it's called a trip you know! It hooked me the first time I went on that road trip and saw the enormous Crater Lake and the bison in Yellowstone. The thing I really like about travelling is that it takes me out of my comfort zone and puts me in new and strange experiences. I meet people I never would meet, and see places I couldn't see at home. It's all I think about."


Alex Tacoma Lifewalker


Alex Fazekas Boone


Alex is still searching for the concrete message behind his photos, explaining to us: "I'm still searching, I guess. If I knew I probably wouldn't be so intent on shooting more!"


When it comes to his creative process, the nature loving photographer tends to go with the flow: "It all depends on what I'm shooting. If I'm backpacking or hiking, I just shoot candidly and let the environment I'm in guide me and show me. If I'm doing a more formal shoot I typical lay out all my product and brainstorm what I want to shoot, where I want to shoot it and with who. Then I go out and do my best to bring my ideas into reality, while always on the lookout for those truly special candid shots."


Alex Fazekas Boone


Besides it's luscious green landscape, Tacoma has many great things to discover. "I love to skateboard and bike around the city. We have a few really amazing coffee roasters in Tacoma that I love to hit. We also have a very large city park called Point Defiance Park that I spend a lot of time in. There are trails to hike on, huge old growth trees and beautiful beaches along the water."



For Alex, the fact that his Sisto Clasico shoes are handmade  is something he strongly appreciates: "I love that they are handmade in Spain! It's really awesome to have an ethically sourced and manufactured shoe."

We finish off our interview by getting a feel for what a perfect day for Alex would be, exploring Tacoma in his cozy Maians: "Every good day starts with coffee first. Then I would throw on my Sisto Clasico, ride my bike over to get breakfast on 6th Ave with Laura.  After I fill up, I'd grab my camera and ride over to the park to hike around and shoot some photos. When I'm finished shooting, I'd pop over to the skate park and ride around for a bit. Once I lose daylight I'd go process the photos at the house and I'd wrap it all up back over on 6th Ave again with dinner at my favorite restaurant Gateway to India!"

Photo Credit: Laura Anderson & Alex Fazekas Boone

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