What We're Listening To - Flight Facilities - Maians North America

What We're Listening To - Flight Facilities


Their debut album may have been released already one year ago but we are still listening to Australian DJ duo Flight Facilities like we were just discovering them. Hugo Gruzman and James Lyell began their career mixing songs in Sydney before their big break came after their 1st original release, Crave You featuring Giselle Rosselli. After that the boys toured around Australia in various nightclubs before going international, playing shows in Japan, Indonesia and the United States. They’ve built their success thanks to their hypnotizing and catchy beats that lift your spirits and keep you moving.  Fans also enjoy the concept behind the duo that has been known to dress as pilots and have stage sets that resemble airplane hangars. They kick off their European tour next month and in the meantime we are patiently waiting to see what will be next for this incredible duo!


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