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Benefits of Vulcanised Soles

At Maians, we are proud to make each pair of shoes by hand. Our factory gives new life to original molds found in factories passed down from generation to generation. We create our soles using natural rubber and a vulcanisation process unique to us. But how exactly does this benefit you? Today we give you a few facts on why vulcanised soles are the better choice.

Vulcanised soles are made using a flat rubber bottom that is bonded to the upper of the shoe with thinner strips of rubber. It provides more grip while walking and makes the shoe more flexible.

Ines Vania 13 Navy & Sisto C2 Rejilla Red

The process of vulcanisation also adds durability to your Maians shoe, making them less likely to warp over time. We also used cushion insoles to help make the shoes comfortable for long lasting wear.

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