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Trending: Handcrafted Shoes

In an era where everything is manufactured and mass produced it’s hard to keep quality up to par with consumers’ standards. The idea of something handcrafted, where every production step is supervised and quality controlled has a very strong appeal. In recent years, people have been making the switch and going for brands that have an ethical and more hands-on approach to making their products.

This trend has been very present in the footwear industry with brands now making sure customers are aware that the shoes they’re buying didn’t come out of a machine.

Rufino Rejilla Beige

Maians proudly sources materials directly in Spain and produces shoes by hand, using recovered molds from old shoemaking factories. The commitment to keeping the artisan craftsmanship of Barceloneta alive gives Maians a strong message and even stronger impact in the footwear market.

Fatima Mint

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