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3 Breathable Shoes Perfect for Summer

With summer in full swing, we know you are trying to be as comfortable as possible. Clothing and shoes need to be less constricting or you’ll find yourself suffocating all day long. When it comes to footwear, it’s easy to go for something like flip flops or sandals but unfortunately those never tend to offer you all day comfort and support. Here are 3 great styles of summer shoes that ensures your feet will be happy and sweat free.


Calisto Rejilla & Fatima

Make sure your feet are breathing with a pair of mesh cotton shoes. Great for a casual day and easy to pair with pretty much any item in your closet. These are constructed with a cotton/poly blend and finished with the classic Maians vulcanized sole.



Sisto Perforado 14

A great suede style that looks funky and fresh. The Sisto Perforado is made of 100% natural suede and features a unique cut-out pattern that gives great aesthetic and has the breathable component much needed in the summer months. You’ll love the stylish design of this shoe that is a perfect transition from day to night.


Slip On

Rufino Combi & Remedios Rejilla

The best choice for a relaxed look, these slip on shoes are light and perfect for your “on the go” needs. The contrast lining on the Rufino Combi adds a touch of distinction while women will love how easy it is to fit in the Remedios Rejilla to their summer wardrobe.

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