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5 Tips to Pick Your Summer Shoes

We all know how the story goes. You go shopping for new shoes (or any other item needed) with no mindset about what it is you’re looking for so you come out either empty handed or with buyer’s remorse. Don’t let yourself go through another terrible purchase when what you really want is something reliable, fashionable and that you won’t abandon in the back of your closet as soon as you get home. With summer just on our heels, we know you’ll want to ditch the bulky sneakers for a pair of shoes that won’t be too much of a hassle to put on your feet and step out of the house with. Here are 5 easy tips to remember when you’re out looking for the perfect pair of summer shoes.

  1. Watch Your Wallet

An important thing to keep in mind during your search is how much you are willing to spend for a pair of new kicks. There needs to be the proper balance between spending enough for quality but not too much for your comfort zone. Nevertheless, it’s important not to cheap out and get something that won’t last you until August.

  1. Keep it Light

Summer means a lot of walking. Don’t pick a pair of shoes that are constricting or have a heavy sole because your feet won’t forgive you for it later. You need something lightweight, flexible and with extra room as feet tend to get swollen after a long day.

  1. Breath In, Breath Out

It’s pretty much a guarantee that as soon as it’s hot enough, your socks start getting left out of the equation for your outfit of the day. Hence an important thing to look out for is shoes your feet can breathe in; because boy does it get hot in there. Look for a simple construction with a sturdy yet light composition. Materials that are known to absorb sweat are always an added bonus!

  1. Add Some Color

This is an important factor when you think of what you’ll be pairing your wardrobe with. An easy color way that’s fun but not over the top will assure you can get the most out of your new shoes. Don’t let your desire for something flashy get the best of you, because as much as those “just released, super trendy” sandals might seem like a good idea, you might not feel the same once you get home and try to pair them with an outfit.

  1. Forget the Commercial Appeal
Lastly, it might seem like a good idea to go for the same old, same old, but don’t be afraid to try new things! There are plenty of cool styles available that aren’t the same pair of Vans you’ve already seen on 10 people today. Expand your search and pride yourself in knowing you’re a trendsetter and not a follower. Here are a few styles we think are perfect for your summer needs!

1- Sisto Rejilla Navy 2-Fatima Beige

3- Ines Rejilla Navy 4- Rufino Rejilla Grey

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